What are the general competencies for Elementary School?

A hollistic curriculum at Sphere values cognitive, physical and socioemotional development of each learner. The Sphere curriculum aims at contributing to the development of individuals who are able to:
1. Take responsibility for their own learning process and who are able to make choices, act and reflect on own actions.
2. Establish relationships with others and own surroundings in a respectful and cooperative way.
3. Develop logical thinking skills and solve mathematical problems using own and conventional strategies.
4. Critically read and interpret different text genres. Produce clear and coherent texts that are appropriate to different contexts.
5. Understand, use and create digital information and communication technologies in a meaningful, ethical, critical and reflective way.
6. Orally express themselves clearly and confidently, making use of multiple languages.
7. Develop attitudes and strategies for scientific inquiry into the different areas of knowledge.

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