Our purpose is to offer the best in bilingual international education for young leaders who will make a positive difference in the world.

educate young leaders who will make a difference in the world

Teaching and Learning

For Sphere, learning and development is the result of a collective construction that begins with a contextualized, connected, inquiry-based and personalized approach. Throughout their educational journeys, our learners are supported, encouraged and challenged to become empathetic individuals, who are prepared to deal with new and unpredictable problems, in local and global contexts.

In addition to concepts, knowledge and content, Sphere learners develop skills and attitudes that prepare them for a globalized future. The pedagogical project is aligned with the Brazilian National (BNCC), the international curriculum and the UNESCO goals, bringing together the best in international education.

In a world where information is easily accessible and personalized solutions are readily available, schools are no exception. Teaching and learning at Sphere balances opportunities for learners to engage with the exploration of big ideas in real-life contexts, using different multimodal resources. Learners are encouraged to express their personal interests and talents and educators intentionally plan for agile teaching and differentiation. Curiosity is essential to life-long learning, which is why our responsibility is to empower all learners to express their identities, making room for voice, choice and ownership.

In order to build new understandings, information is not enough

Young people in the 21st century must be prepared to anticipate changes and create new solutions. Technology, combined with a humanized education, opens up new possibilities for our schools and students, but how can we organize pedagogical practices in the midst of so much diversity? An inquiry-based approach allows learners to delve into personal areas of interest, as well as develop the ability to ask relevant questions, collect and organize data, analyze and synthesize findings. Whether in disciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary projects, our educators promote spaces that encourage contextualized, critical, creative, personalized and collaborative learning. For this, the inquiry cycle is a valuable resource, which brings intentionality to the stages of learning, action and reflection.

Learning Goals

The Sphere curriculum aims at contributing to the development of individuals who are able to:
Take responsibility for their own learning process and who are able to make choices, act and reflect on own actions.
2. Establish relationships with others and own surroundings in a respectful and cooperative way.
3. Develop logical thinking skills and solve mathematical problems using own and conventional strategies.
4. Critically read and interpret different text genres. Produce clear and coherent texts that are appropriate to different contexts.
5. Understand, use and create digital information and communication technologies in a meaningful,
ethical, critical and reflective way.
6. Orally express themselves clearly and confidently, making use of multiple languages.
7. Develop attitudes and strategies for scientific inquiry into the different areas of knowledge.

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